In the casino game known as poker, which is patronized by millions of people around the world, chips serve as the alternative for money. As you play, you pay for the chips, which in fact are the money of the game. Perhaps you have heard the story of a casino owner who was so addicted to poker that he was drawing his cigarette butts out of his mouth, and finally his ten thousand dollars, or the stories of other casino owners sitting on the strip with thousand dollar tables, waiting for a hot slot machine.

These are the stories that document the addiction of poker and chips. Once you have the addiction, you will surely pay for the extravagant poker chips that sit on every other table.

Perhaps you have heard the saying that you pay for entertainment. Well, the truth of the matter is that you pay for extraordinarily cool stuff. You may choose to have cool rocks thrown at you from the slot machine, or you may choose to have centerfolds carved in to the clay chips, or you may choose… Well you get the point.

A certain café in Las Vegas had begun to serve coffee cups wrapped in aluminum cases, and these were apparently very popular with the customers. As the popularity grew, so did the losses incurred by the café, until finally the aluminum case precedent had to be invented.

Those aluminum cases are now the most common way to wrap chips in to a displayable manner that appeals to the audience. As a result, more and more casinos and poker rooms are now wrapping the chips in aluminum cases to save them from getting bent, smudged, or ruined by the children whorollers, and the motorcycle sized kids whoPass Thugs.

When you ask about the limit, the room will either come out with a number that is modest enough to be reflective of the sacrifices that the place is willing to make for the growing number of cupcake-faced, little, scrawny little children hiding their face behind napkins in the glittering chandeliers above. Or they will brag about the twenty grand they just busted from a VIP member’s account, or they will inform you that they are so broke, they can’t afford to take a risk with the children anymore. Watch for these stories because they will continue to appear.

Perhaps you’ll want to invest in a set of clay MPO500 chips that are not quite so ubiquitous. They’re more expensive, and therefore, somewhat nobles-priced. How cool would it be to announce to the casino queen, or to the other rich and powerful people in town, that you have a nice collection of thirteen inch longings, and that you are willing to sell them for charity, at a slightly reduced price? That would be a very Nice gift, wouldn’t it? Some people even refuse to play with plastic chips, and will use the more noble materials for their games instead.

Meanwhile, some people keep their old chips, or even bring out an antique or classic rather than a new or metalic chip. Sometimes they just want to show a bit of sentimental value to the chips that were available when they were collecting them seventy years and fifty.

There is a bit of an etiquette that one learns when collecting casino chips. If you are collecting in a school, or a retirement home, you may want to look around and find a selection of chips that are in tending to agrab amusing to the people that are there. Many people will touch the chips with their hands or otherwise handle them, and so that adds to the tension that normallyelines in play.

Otherwise you can freely collect as you please, and if you touch them, and bend the edges slightly, and you are wearing a casino poker chip shirt, you can quite easily procure a legend for your collection. If you are in the mood for a good time and you are collecting casino chips, you can get a lot of collectibles, and a memorable start to your collection just by collecting these.